Flims 2015 Fahrt 5

IMG_2182Mir kemme uff e Startblatz und beraite unere Ballon vor, wo d’Esther uns drey Passagier zem Korb bringt. D’Carmen, wo uns scho im letschte Joor beehrt het, bringt uns zwai Gescht mit wo vo Wales kemme und Flims als iiri neyi Haimet IMG_2187ussgwält hän. An däre Stell wäggsle-n-ych jetzt au in Änglische (odder versuechs).

After we finished the preparation of our balloon, we start with the inflation of it. A few minutes later the balloon is ready for the take IMG_2196off and our passengers can jump in the basket. When we received the permission to take of from the controller Chritian, we lift up verry slowly. During the ascent we have a great view at the new home of our passengers. Defenitly a good joice! On IMG_2194the hight of 1700 msl we can see the hole of St. Martins in the north of Flims. There is still a small layer of dust over the Gauma lake. After we crossed 2700 msl we get some speed of 25 km/h towards Disentis. The middle part of Switzerland is IMG_2193covered with fog, but here we can enjoy just a breathtaking view. We cross Ilanz on a heigt of 3500 msl. We descide to land in the region of Obersachsen, because in the direction we fly, there are no more good places for the landing. We IMG_2201start to descend and verry low over the surface we are looking for a good place for the landing. After we have crossed a little creek, we land on a grasstripe underneath a good road. Carmen jumpes out of the basket and carries it with IMG_2204Nicole to the road. On a grasfield next to the road we deflate the balloon and pack it on the trailer. After a glas of champagne, we will strengthen us in the near restaurant.                                                                                                                                                                         _